Aneta Agnieszka Ciesielska

Hi! I was born in 1984 in small willage names Murcki, Just next to the Katowice ( today Silesian monopoly). I grown up in the industrial landscape of the coal mines. When I was a Little girl some Japaneese scientists made research of contamination getting conclusión, that there is no possibility that life would exist. Well being a child growing up in the industry land of nothing actually force you to get creative to not die of boredom and pollution. I went to the artistic high school and studied Wood sculpture, tan of not having any other better idea i continue my artistic education studying Graphic Art and design in the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. What is quite positive of comming from the ugliest city from the world is that you actually fall in love easily with any other place. So it happend to me when I went to make Erasmus Socrates Exchange in Cuenca –Spain. After that I could never really come back. Living life travelling one compound very own way to understand what the art is or what it should be. Summarizing for me is an experience of sharing an aesthetic felling. Is sometimes to créate an object that another person may have or have and use, and that object raises positive impression.